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Levi turns down with a remix of Coldplay's "Midnight" [Download]

After a smashing release of "Drop the Poptart", an edit of Deadmau5, Levi is back once again with his latest remix of Coldplay's "Midnight." The French producer made quite an impression on Hypem, garnering over five thousand "hearts" and reaching the top in a short matter of a day. Levi's "Midnight" edit is not nearly as high energy as "Drop the Poptart," but his progressive, electronic direction can still be heard. He teases us by offering a smooth synth line partnered with Chris Martin's vocals, never quite building the track up to a drop, but rather using the intensity of the lyrics to throw us back into a relaxed, more open breakdown. 

Levi now resides in NYC, hopefully searching to further his skills as a beat maker. We were surprised to hear Coldplay's new approach with "Midnight," but the Paris bred producer has shown just how quickly and efficiently he can turn an edit around, which is a very valued asset amongst remix artists. You can visit Levi's Soundcloud for more wonderful edits and originals, including a track by Eric Sharp.

Grab Levi's edit of "Midnight" on his Soundcloud now for free download. When I had posted the "Drop the Poptart" edit, I had instructed the audience to "turn up." Well, today you can take this edit and "turn down," as Levi's versatility implies so.



"Midnight" Remix

  • February 27


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