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Well$ chills with his Grandmother and cruises around the city, in "Savoir-Faire"

When one thinks of North Carolina, hip hop probably won't be the first thing that comes to mind, especially with their well documented loyalty to collegiate basketball. Asides for 9th Wonder and J. Cole, who both released solid work with mainstream success,  the State hasn't had a storied history of creating nationally recognized rap acts or songs. However, the "tar-heels" do have significant representation underground, away from radio friendly pressures, free to develop a sound all their own.  Well$, a Charlotte native, is ready to share with listeners the new noise that has been slowly brewing in the Old State. 

Almost every  rapper professes a deep sense of love and gratitude towards their mother or grandmother; women that played important roles in their growth. Well$ shares in this sentiment, which is made extremely clear in his latest video, "Savoir-Faire". The track and accompanying visuals aren't heavy with emotional baggage or loaded with uncomfortable campy scenes; rather, he presents his appreciation in a creatively humorous way: having his grandmother don fresh Jordans, relaxing on the couch as he convincingly rhymes next to her. It is laid back but confident, like the shots of him cruising around his city's artistic area, complimenting the ambiance of the song.

"Savoir-Faire" features grainy, distorted guitar production from The Blvck Hearts Club, who are also members of the Immaculate Taste collective. Their beat is reminiscent of instrumentals heard on slick crime films, dropped right when the protagonist pulls off the perfect heist. Well$ forces his way into your eardrums, where he then deposits a considerable number of lyrical gems. He can flat out rhyme, proving the validity of the song title.  He may have some nostalgic 90's rap tendencies, but he is definitely moving  in a unique direction. "And just because you rap over these classics, don't mean you say shit,"  is a lesson every aspiring emcee should take to heart.

Well$ is gearing up to drop his hilariously titled project,  MTYSD: Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher, in the upcoming months. If "Savoir-Faire" is any indication the sonic quality of the tape, you can expect some intriguing production and tough lines. Head over to his bandcamp to catch up on any of his music you  may have missed, it will do you some good. 


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