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Amp Live aims "Closer To The Sun" with his new single

Amp Live comes crashing into the spotlight with a new genre crossing single. The visuals and music EARMILK brings today is the new video from Amp Live for his track "Closer To The Sun (Colorado Dreamin')." This artist is commonly known for his alternative hip hop rooted in a DJing background. The song features Timeline, The ReMINDers, and Sloppy Joe Lessard, who all make cameos in the official music video. The track was released through Plug Research Records, an independent record label. You can expect Amp Live's next album, Headphone Concerto, to come out sometime this Spring via Plug Research.

"Closer To The Sun" moves over a range of timbres as the opening originally had me doubting what was to come. Yet within less than twenty seconds Amp Live completely changes the pace by adding a smooth beat. The violin intro maintains throughout the whole song, performed by Sloppy Joe. The next real shock was a collaborative duo from The Reminders who both gave their lyrical shine. Lastly Timeline finishes the track on a complex dubstep structure. All of these unique ranges of sound combined with a high quality video make this song easily an audience pleaser. 


Amp Live

"Closer To The Sun (Colorado Dreamin)"

  • 2014-02-27


Chillstep · Dance · Electro Swing · Jazz Hop


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