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Pharrell and Daft Punk collaborate on "Gust of Wind"

It seems Pharrell Williams' transformation into a suave, '70s-style disco R&B crooner is now complete.  With his sophomore solo album GIRL set for release March 3, today he treats us to (what will presumably be) the second single from the album.

"Gust of Wind" is another disco-inspired R&B jam, birthed from the epic collaboration between Pharrell and French house duo Daft Punk.  After the success of "Get Lucky" and "Lose Yourself to Dance", it was almost inevitable that the duo would return the favor on Pharrell's album, and if you were a fan of those two tracks, you should definitely give this a listen.

While it might not be as instantaneously catchy as "Get Lucky," the song still oozes charm, with a nice strings section backdropping Pharrell's awesome (and non-falsetto!) vocals.  Of course, Daft Punk gets their contributions in too, with an awesome sounding vocoder refrain and those sexy guitar accents.

The entire song is one giant groove-coaster, and it certainly bodes well for the upcoming album release.  Well, get excited, because you can actually stream the entire album right now on iTunes.   


Pharrell Williams

"Gust of Wind"

  • Columbia Records
  • 3-3-2014
Disco · R&B


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