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Mr. Pit explores his bad side on "Nasty Beats"

As Mr. Pit, Adrian Ivan has been a consistent fixture on the Coldharbour Recordings lineup. Like many other artists on the roster of Markus Schulz's trance imprint, his music is high energy, haunting and impressively produced with an attention to detail that leaves the label releasing quality over quantity of tracks. Today Pit has released "Nasty Beats," an unbelievable exploration into different realms of sound. The Romanian producer delves into the diaries of house music's past, opening up the track with a retro treble intro that leads into an eerie, randomly appearing melody that brings back memories of some old school Axwell that's been reinvented for the new house era. The track continues to pick up, gaining speed in the form of big sounds appropriate for a festival. Check it out below.

Stream: Mr. Pit - Nasty Beats (Original Mix)

Mr. Pit

"Nasty Beats"

  • Coldharbour Recordings
  • COLD046
Dance · Trance


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