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Taylor Simone - "Greedy" [Video Premiere]

Smooth vocals and a laid-back vibe find their corporeal substance in Los Angeles native Taylor Simone, a young up-and-comer who's been appearing on more than a few radars lately. Not only has this 21-year-old been catching the eye of many, she's been doing it with a non-stop attitude. She hasn't stopped putting pen to paper and finger to piano to create more works and keep her artistic vision going.

A senior at Columbia University, Taylor has also somehow found the time to release a handful of cool tracks on her musical project, Songs From the Front Yard, which include "The Name of the Game", "Static", and "Confused". Each of her creations showcase her lovely neo-soul and R&B hybrid style and lyricism. Last month, "The Name of the Game" saw its video release, and tonight, she releases the video for "Greedy," a bonus track on the Songs From the Front Yard project, to our eyes and ears. 

The video for “Greedy” was shot at Factory Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y., with the help of a creative team that includes Los Tank Tops, director Erica Rose, producer Samuel Baumel, and executive producer Soleil. Soleil and Taylor both named the song one of their favorites from the project and "6 months, a show, an online fundraising campaign, and many dance rehearsals later," the product you see below emerged. A comment on the intensity of societal materialism, “Greedy” is meant to poke fun at the extent to which so many of us are entrenched in the superficial, willing to subject to our often artificial and selfish desires rather than to causes and actions of higher importance. Check the video below, and be reminded of the things that really matter.

Hip-Hop · R&B · Soul


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