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Kindergarten Recordings remix contest - Popeska's "Heart Of Glass" [Exclusive]

Wolfgang Gartner has built an empire out of Kindergarten Recordings, a label that has become synonymous with topnotch dance production. Last year the imprint put out some of the biggest tracks from up-and-coming stars, including Tom Staar's "Faces", DallasK's "Allienz", and Popeska's Sonder EP. What couldn't be more plain from this EP release was the young electronic artist's burning passion for dance music and a burgeoning talent just waiting to unfold.

This Tuesday Popeska released his latest track, "Heart Of Glass" with Denny White, part of the 3 part Spirit Animal series that will drop on Kindergarten. While we wait for word on the other two songs, producers should take advantage of this amazing opportunity, the chance to remix "Heart Of Glass" and win a Novation Launchpad. All you need to do is grab the stems, work your magic, and submit the remix through Wavo. Click the link below and look for a winner announcement March 24th.


Download Stems and Enter Contest




Contest · Dance · Main Stage · Progressive


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Zac Darmon
Zac Darmon
7 years ago

When is the deadline to submit our remix?