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Van Bonn delivers a moody 'Counterpart' [EP]

It's no secret that when Copenhagen/ Berlin-based producer Reimut Van Bonn - widely regarded simply as Van Bonn - devotes time to studio sessions, the idea is to create an atmosphere that can transport listeners to an ethereal dimension where soundscapes meet clouded rhythmic craftsmanship.  With a collection of releases already on Telrae, Trapez, and Brouqade, Van Bonn exclusively launched Vann Bonn Records in 2013 as an added output for his own tracks. And almost a year since the imprint's inaugural release, we now get the follow up titled, Counterpart, which includes remixes by Freund der Familie and Claudio PRC.

stream:Van Bonn - Counterpart (Original Mix)

With zaggy chords that squiggle their way through firmly, "Counterpart" (Original Mix) touches base on the signature Van Bonn tone many of us are used to hearing. Low subs carry the track's momentum that surely form a proper counterpart to the punchier synthesis happening on the other end. Van Bonn's floor-ready dub expertise shines in full effect with this dose of funky strings. The mood sinks deeper as Freund der Familie make an effort to eclipse and strip down the original; adorning it with a sleek and washed down techno induced version full of choppy sounds that work well with the tracks dangerous beating.

stream:Van Bonn - Counterpart (Claudio PRC Remix)

Turning the corner onto a dimmer lane is Claudio PRC's remix which closes out with a darker tone than the former. Perfectly suited for the b-side, this one is specifically tailored for the after hours warehouse lingerers that keep the night going after lights shut off. With a throbbing pulse and evolving atmosphere of cryptic and gaseous effects,  Claudio PRC recreates a hypnotic feel we can always count on finding in his tracks.

 Available on vinyl only with a limited edition green-marbled issue, don't forget to grab yours exclusively at decks.de before it's too late. For more information on the digital keep up with Van Bonn, who's worked up the idea for putting one out in the future.



Van Bonn

Counterpart [EP]

  • Van Bonn Records




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