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Lapalux V-Day special: "Lonesum Tnite"

If you're feeling like Cupid's arrow missed you this time around and simply feel like listening to something blue-tinged, Lapalux has cooked a little something for the occasion. Released today as an exclusive Valentines Day treat, the L.A.-via-U.K. beat scene producer reworks Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonesome Tonight" into a bleak and ambient adaptation set to solace any lonely soul left looking at the glass like it's half empty. What's more, this short and sweet version comes accompanied with a visual aid directed by Stuart Howard himself and Peter Cadman.

While we do not guarantee you will find a Valentine by the end of this, we can assure you that, at the very least, this hollowed and heavy-hearted track will help you reconsider the way you associate The King's classic tune from here on out—in a good way. Download the track for free here.



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7 years ago

“: Lapalux V-Day special: "Lonesum Tnite" - http://t.co/a12TEoMPyW @Lapalux”