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Alizzz Puts a hip hop flip on Lenno's "Rebirth"

The recent release of Lenno's remixes package from the Never Stop EP has seen some incredible house and electro remixes that have breathed new life into the EP but this one is something a bit different. The Barcelona native that goes by the name of Alizzz has completely flipped Lenno's "Rebirth" and taken it to a place that may not be familiar for fans of the original but it is certainly trying it's best to school you in the ways of emotional instrumental hip hop. The vintage MPC warmth of the snare along with the signature triplet hi hats instantly blend with Lenno's 80's charm and stands alone as something new and exciting. Hopefully this will be the start of a new wave of hip hop producers remixing nu disco, electro and house to create tracks as brilliantly executed as this one. 

Electronic · Hip-Hop


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  • @alizzz_music @helloimlenno both the original and the remix are my SHIT right now! Huge tracks

    Avatar Walker Adamson February 12, 2014 4:13 PM Reply

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