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True Tiger remix Show N Prove's "If Only" into bass-drenched banger [Premiere]

It's always good to have a dope remix land in your inbox, especially one that completely flips the original and makes me beam with joy. That's exactly what we have here, as UK collective True Tiger take on fellow Brit Show N Prove's catchy single "If Only". 

While the original was a downtempo, drum-heavy track, with one of the catchiest hooks of the year so far, the True Tiger boys have changed it up and given it a bit more bite. The bass-heavy drum-and-bass banger, with pitched vocals, gives the track a more rave-inspired feel and turns it on its head. Snappy snares and deep hitting kicks drive the track through, as atmospheric piano chords ring out and give the track its "hands in the air" moment. 

You can stream the True Tiger remix below, and the original is available to buy on iTunes.

Bass · Dance · Exclusive · U.K.


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7 years ago

thanks guys