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Harry Fraud's Blazing "Tongues" Remix Is An Outlaw's Anthem

Could this get any better? La musica de Harry Fraud takes hold of Joywave's catchy pop single "Tongues" and shifts it into a slow-burning, addictive outlaw's anthem. The six-piece band from Rochester have just announced the release of their forthcoming EP titled How Do You Feel?. The 2013 electro-pop single is off last year's mixtape titled 88888, but it's sure to gain some new steam with this release. Fraud's hip-hop rework echoes the hook's "sometimes I feel like they don't understand me" sentiment, offering up a completely different feel than we're used to from the bubbly original. Bottom line, HF kills it again, slowing it down just a bit and adding in heavy-hitting drums. 

Check out the original below.

How Do You Feel? drops on March 11 via Cultco Music.



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