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Sons of an Illustrious Father premiere "No Mercy" video

Many of us here at EARMILK have had our genre crossovers. Though rarely a day, hour, minute goes by in my week without the thumping bass beats of dance music, I used to be quite the indie aficionado, making my way through the world by way of Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens, and Björk. It's no surprise then that the occasional extraordinary indie song still catches my attention, and so is the case with Sons of an Illustrious Father's "No Mercy". Currently composed of Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and Ezra Miller, the trio officially dropped the track back in January, which leverages all their talents in a beautiful, gritty anthem. At times the work crescendos into emotive highs through organ, drums, and electric guitar, only to wash out into acoustic guitar-focused breaks. Add to that Lilah's vocals, which immediately recalled Chan Marshall of Cat Power, that both soar in robust solos and layer over Ezra's in a rich combination.

The track has undergone some visual treatment from Monster Movies, who worked with the band on a video that offers a raw look at "No Mercy". Given the essence of the track, the video acts an appropriate representation of it and the trio themselves: powerful, dark, and sincere.

Be sure to check the multi-faceted band in New York City and keep an ear out for more releases that will add to the glory of "No Mercy".



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