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Prok & Fitch release the disco in "Man with Soul"

British house producing duo Prok & Fitch have a real understanding of the roots of modern dance music. Maybe that's due to the way they met: through an accidental casual encounter at a record store. And if these guys only seem a little familiar to you, it's because of their frequent features in radio shows and live sets of artists like Mark Knight. Always exploring the depths of disco and tech, the guys have paired up with vocalist Max Linen and the iconic Toolroom Records on a track that probably explains their interest in music in a few words: "Man with Soul." A record that's leading their current tour that began last week, it's one that is unrelenting in its groove and exclamatory in its vocals and true disco horn synths, a real statement being made in the months leading up to WMC.

Stream: Prok & Fitch - Man With Soul (Original Mix)

Man with Soul Tour Dates:
Feb 6 - LIV Nightclub, Miami, FL
Feb 7  - Therapy, Providence, RI
Feb 8  - Tabu,  London, ON
 Feb 20  - Cielo, New York City, NY
Feb 21 - Cinema,  Toronto, ON
Feb 22 - Castle, Chicago, IL
Feb 27 -  Foundation, Seattle, WA
Feb 28 - Audio, San Francisco, CA
March 1 - Sotto, Ottawa, ON
March 2 - Habitat, Calgary, AB


Prok & Fitch

Man with Soul

  • Toolroom Records




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