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Dave Metzo takes you back to the "Circus" with his new track [Premiere]

Combine every repressed memory about the circus you may have. Now think about how that would sound. Dave Metzo has delivered that fear to life with his new track “Circus”. Released through Electrocity Limited, the label is well known for producing hypnotic techno loops and deep house sounds that make you move. This time they both have produced another listening experience that represents the underground culture of minimal sounds into this new track.

stream:Dave Metzo - Dave Metzo - Circus

“Circus” includes techno and deep house sounds with a mixture of hard pounding beats. The distant vocals and circus-like sounds combine into a creepy visual of every bad dream you ever had about clowns. Nonetheless, this track features an upbeat tempo that will most likely grab your attention.



Dave Metzo

"Circus" (Original Mix)

  • Electrocity Limited


Deep House · Tech House · Techno


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