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Barney Bones avoids the perils of selling out on "Crash N Burn"

The high cost of low living; a thought provoking paradigm from the affluent members of our society. Once you've got money to blow, your spending habits could very well be a means of distancing yourself between those who can't keep up with the latest styles (or to paraphrase the always amazing Kanye West, "then I spent four hundred bucks on this, just to be like, negro you aint up on this.") But is there ever a point when this jaded consumerism can become reckless? Barney Bones, a South Central force soon to be reckoned with, has seen what the effects of selling out are and "Crash N Burn" is the track dedicated to those who are living life a bit too fast. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/133416728"]

With its menacing instrumental and dominating bars, the track is a definite wake up call to the big ballers and shot callers out there. For more music from Bones, check out his very dope self titled EP, which dropped a few months ago.  "Crash N Burn" will be featured on his upcoming self titled EP, which is set for a February 17th release. 



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Barney Bones
7 years ago

Thank You for the post....