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Star One & Fallacy bring out the "Gangster Girls" in new video

When Star One and Fallacy came together a couple of weeks ago to produce "Gangster Girls", it was a signal of intent from everyone involved that 2014 was going to be another strong year. The vibes that the track gave off heralded back to the 90's underground raves, with pumping basslines and heavy kicks carrying the track along, whilst Fallacy graced the beat with an engaging flow and sublime delivery.

Now, two weeks later, we've been treated to the trippingly brilliant visuals created by upcoming visionary director and Murkage member Gaika Tavares. The mystifying visuals literally take the shape of the song title, mixing in the best clips of gangster's including former N.W.A emcee Eazy E and scenes from the cult movie Pulp Fiction, with some sultry looking ladies that certainly give the video a sexier side. All the images are altered or mirrored to give the viewer a more spaced out experience, which works incredibly well with the rave-inspired track.

You can peep the dope visuals for "Gangster Girls" below, and if you're feeling the track you can download it for FREE by following this link.

Gangster Girls artwork

Star One

"Gangster Girls" (Feat. Fallacy)

  • Self-Released
  • 3rd February, 2014
Dance · Music Videos


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