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LOLAWOLF break through the "Chainz" [Exclusive Download]

Led by the cross-talented (singer/model/actress) Zoë Kravitz LOLAWOLF provide just the right amount of energy to their electronic pop, which is best served in large doses. The New York based trio draw inspiration from both the past, in their 80's-styled delivery coupled with bold instrumentals, and the current, utilizing contemporary minimalistic pop elements showcasing a bold, but equally grounded sound. In lieu of releasing their debut EP today under Innit Recordings we have the pleasure of hosting a 24 hour exclusive download of what we consider to be the most playful song on the release in "Chainz".


"Chainz" begins with a glistening synth-line that reminds of sunny days as synthetic percussive elements make up the ground to which Zoë's racing vocals carve out a niche. Throughout "Chainz" three minutes LOLAWOLF carry listeners across buoyant slopes where a break is used as a momentary escape from the energy that builds throughout the bulk of the track. 

Download: LOLAWOLF - Chainz

All in all "Chainz" and the entire debut EP from LOLAWOLF  is one ride that is worth the wait. Be sure to catch the group on either of their back-to-back NYC shows on February 6th (Popshop at Westway) and February 7th (Baby’s All Right).



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