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Illa Ghee and Fame reveal their stripes on "Salute The General"

Fashion has always been a vital part of hip hop culture. Whether you were rocking those thick gold chains with your Kangol hat or preferred to be seen in your Coogi sweater, it signified your territory and your idenity amongst the masses. But one thing is for sure: skinny jeans will be a part of Illa Ghee's wardrobe. Going after today's generation of weak rap artists who are just in it for the fame, "Salute the General" has the Brooklyn rap phenom teaming up with his fellow brother in arms, Fame (many of y'all might know him from M.O.P.,) as their crew hunts down a skinny jean connoisseur using a wide assortment of weapons. What results are some dope flows by Ghee and a funny video for us all to enjoy. 

Social Grafitti, Illa Ghee's upcoming album, is set to be released sometime within the 2nd quarter of the year. Let's hope 2014 doesn't lead to an influx of shallow rappers, or else Ghee will be mad busy this year. 



Illa Ghee

Salute the General (Feat. Fame)

  • February 1st, 2014
Hip-Hop · Music Videos


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