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Bixel Boys freshen up Eliza Doolittle's "Walking On Water"

You can't help but to think of Manfred Mann's "Blinded By The Light" when you hit play on the latest remix from the Bixel Boys. However, this remix of "Walking On Water" is from the British beauty with the amazing voice Eliza Doolittle.  The funky house duo from L.A. have a way of making their remixes seem like they are put together effortlessly and this track is a prime example.  The intro starts off  with what some might say to be a 70's-rock-meets-techno inspired mashup accompanied by spurts of vocals from Eliza. After about a minute you are gradually introduced into a housey pop rhythm induced coma with strategically placed breaks and an array of different elements thrown into the mix to keep you on your toes and wanting more. I don't think there could be a more perfect way of complimenting such an already dope piece. Ian and  Rob definitely did their thing on this one!


WOW remix art

Eliza Doolittle

"Walking on Water" (Bixel Boys Remix)

  • 30-01-2014
Dance · House


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