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Eric Dingus was born with trill dreams, drops 'How Are Your Dreams'

The 18 year old producer Eric Dingus hailing from Austin,Texas has been on quite the roll this year. Be it expressing his worst behaviour for the Drake remix which received approval from Mr. Champagne  himself or his Limitless project that made waves in the blogosphere. The guy knows what he is doing and the world is in for quite the treat. Continuing to accelerate his rapidly booming career he teamed up with Kanye West Affiliates Been Trill to release an EP titled How Are Your Dreams

Consistent with his slowed production style and his distinct synths that exude an eerie vibe, the project consists of instrumentals as well as some remixes. What may be even harder to believe is Eric hasn't really played any live shows to date. His first show is rightfully in the city that never sleeps, New York City February 21st at Pianos for a traveling event called Undisposable that is also beginning to garner some notoriety. 

Listen to How Are Your Dreams below and be sure to drop by Eric's upcoming NYC show.







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