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Tropic Harbour brings out the sun's "Golden Rays" [Premiere]

A glitzed out synth and live instrumentation make for a dream-inducing track to fuel either a mellow state of mind or a sing-along for cloudy days. Tropic Harbour’s “Golden Rays” moves along as a creeping tide that is evenly distributed along the shoreline at sunset.

Supported by a venturing bassline and straightforward beat “Golden Rays” blends elements of shoegaze and surf pop to create a wholesome atmosphere. While the vocals mimic the pickups from the guitar they ease tension in their approach as they never seem forced or escalate beyond reason. Breaks are utilized throughout to accentuate the emotional tie of the lyrics which refer to being in a state of bliss with another.

“Golden Rays” doesn’t skip a beat, propelling itself forward with a simplistic, homey structure.

Indie · Shoegaze · Soft Rock · Surf Pop


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