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Phazz salutes Cashmere Cat with an edit of "Wedding Bells"

I really do believe that Cashmere Cat's distinctive (and seductive) style has the capability to generate it's own genre. When hearing a Cat track, you sense a noticeable amount of drama in his production. With vocals that wail and distortions that elongate there's always a constant burst of emotion with each kick. 

A young, French producer by the name of Phazz has put in his own two sense on Cashmere Cat with his newly released edit of "Wedding Bells." First we are lead through a faint piano riff that leads into church bells and high pitched vocals, leading into an enormous drop into an array of glitchy bells and whistles. I first came across Phazz's eclectic style in his collaboration edit of "Latch" with Stwo, and was instantly hooked on his 2 step electronic arrangements. He's been chalking up releases and support from SoulectionCream Collective, Raw Records and Cosmonostro, ensuring him a tale of success in 2014. 

Check out Phazz's edit of "Wedding Bells" now, and head over to his Facebook where he graciously offers downloads. 



"Wedding Bells" Edit

  • January 30


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