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Kaskade and Project 46 release emotional video to "Last Chance"

Having grabbed the number one spot in our top 2013 progressive tracks, "Last Chance" stands as a testament to Kaskade's unquestionable production ability and Project 46's resolve to be a game-changing player. The Canadian duo have wowed us for years now, but the chance to work with Ryan Raddon on his 8th studio album, Atmosphere, proved, beyond a doubt, their prodigious skill. No less haunting than the track itself, the video, which premiered on MTV, chronicles a young woman and her struggle to cope with what seems like lost love. As she forges deeper and deeper into the water of her sorrow, a whirlpool of memories begins to engulf her, transporting her to a not-so distant past where scenes with the object of her affection play out in fleeting flashes. Fortunately, she escapes and makes her way back to the surface. But, as those of us who have lost know, it's only a matter of time until we step back into the water.  


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