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Beat Culture Unleashes "Shibuya" with Kid A on Vocals

Not since last year's shadow-filled single, "Drifter", have we heard from Sunik Kim, more commonly known as Beat Culture.  That is until this week when he let loose his newest objet d'art, "Shibuya". Delicate and shimmering in a million and one places, the track is a lovely procession of taut claps strung between whimsical melodies. Beat Culture is quickly changing the tides of pop and this much is made evident in "Shibuya" -- it's pretty much a modern experimental pop lover's wet dream. We easily succumb to the "magic hour"  Kid A sings of as her gentle, haunting vocals rift through colorful layers of synth instrumentals. However simple a bedroom producer makes it seem, it's not easy to hang in the balance of this vexing genre of pop. Beat Culture goes toe-to-toe with "Shibuya" and slays us in the process. 



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