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7 Minutes Dead & Haywyre flaunt it with 'Peacock' EP

Canadian record label Monstercat must really have some savage scouts out there because they are racking up some scary good talent. It’s no surprise that a label with artists like Krewella, Project 46 & Vicetone under its name would be bringing in some of the most original and skilled acts on the electronic music scene. This is especially clear with young Texas talent Alex Gulikers, or 7 Minutes Dead. And we say “young” only in reference to his age of 25 and not to his skill, which shows serious sophistication.

His latest two track EP Peacock, featuring a remix from fellow Monstercat Haywyre, is a step away from his typical 4-on-the-floor productions and more of a shimmy over to a fun yet intricate charge of sound. While you’ll be happy to bop along with this expressive beat set, the ever-evolving, eccentric rhythm deserves multiple listens in a row. And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ve got the bonus track from Haywyre bringing in what has been described as a “blissful fusion of hip hop, glitch and pure funk”. The EP is a Frankenstein of variety and creativity. But again what else could you expect from these two supernatural Monstercats?



7 Minutes Dead

Peacock EP

  • Monstercat
  • 2014-1-28


Electro House


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