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Introducing "You" to Shklovsky

Shklovsky’s portfolio is a bit of an enigma, containing chillwave, ambient, and spoken word. Currently, the producer vacillates between retro electro formulas and electronic. There isn’t one path to follow through each track, packed to the brim with layer after layer and a sense of structure that teeters near the avant-garde. Trying a hand so many variegated genres has certainly informed “You.”

Opening with multiple layers and hundreds of cut and pitched vocal samples (like Blood Diamonds) and arpeggiated dance synths (like Ghost Beach), the track is an immediate attention-grabber. Reverbed vocals swell and swim in the background. Synth drones harken to chillwave, and distant tom breaks evoke the retro. However, the sample cutting and pitching is truly gripping. If you become overwhelmed, hold your breath.  In the last minute, everything is stripped away except for a rounded bass, pop vocals, background choir, and synth swells.

It’s hard to let “You” go.


Electronic · Electronica · Glitch


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