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JJXO's "Hold Me Back" goes back to disco

Whatever you were expecting to hear when you clicked on this track, you were probably mistaken. This indie-dance release from JJXO boasts one of the strongest instrumentals we've heard in 2014, and we know they will leave a lasting impression on people. Produced by Jamie Hill "Hold Me Back" is an old-school disco throwback with the perfect blend of contemporary elements to make this record hot and relevant. The 70s-influenced synths carry the track while a funky bass line gives "Hold Me Back" the perfect support for the track's crisp and uplifting vocals that truly don't hold back. 

JJXO's "Hold Me Back" is a pleasant surprise. The smooth disco production is no doubt the highlight of this record, and that in itself makes this one worthy of a download for your music library. Fortunately, JJXO is releasing this one completely free, so have a listen below and be sure to support the artist on the social media links below.



"Hold Me Back"

  • 8-Jan-14
Dance · Disco


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