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Wolf Saga covers Lorde's "Team" [Download]

Lorde is, at least in my mind, a growing musician whose snowballing fame can be compared to that of the earlier years of Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. However, her appeal comes not from being a "child star," but from her musical integrity and ability to keep it in tact through the thick of the music industry. Her music has not just been a fad inside a generation, but actually a piece that can be respected and discussed.

One of the best things that develops from good music is when other musicians recognize a true artist when others don't. For instance, we have been thrown countless remixes of "Royals,"  but today we have a cover of "Team" by Wolf Saga. Wolf was inspired to make this one almost like an ode to Lorde, giving it a very epic feel. Like his cover of "Young Folks," Wolf Saga stacks on Lyon for her high pitched, yet soothing female vocals over a poppy, 80's rendition of Lorde's original.

This one is an obvious cover gem as soon as the tape rolls. Check it out now and see more from Wolf Saga on his Soundcloud.


Wolf Saga

Team (Lorde Cover)

  • January 15


Indie · Pop · Synth Pop


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