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Mr. Carmack delivers four tracks, hints at album

"Clean Slate" is the only description for the first track he uploaded on Soundcloud recently. With the title "Drugs – Feburary 2014" you can see Aaron Carmack has every intention of starting this year off on a fresh new mindset. This Honolulu musician has kept EARMILK interested for some time now, with his flawless ability to produce perfectly structured instrumentals or bangers.  One of the most interesting facets of Mr. Carmack is how he always keeps his Soundcloud certified fresh, never leaving any song to expire. By constantly deleting old work and only leaving a handful of his most recent tracks for his audience, he's managed to grab all of our curiosity. 

In the last few days Mr. Carmack has been keeping fairly active by uploading four new tracks. Whether short samples of songs he's in the process of completing or a new collaboration, there seems little error in what he's putting out. Most notably today we have "Drugs", a bass heavy track that at just over two minutes sends shivers with a final shaky beat. The second track released was a remix of "Dark Hadou" by Da-P, with a smooth melodic intro, Carmack quickly brings the song back to his roots with a typical fast beat structure. 

The next two tracks were released just yesterday, the first being a new collaboration with Montreal based Kaytranada. Taking a softer route, the track titled "Ones" clearly sounds as if both producers had a significant amount of contribution on the design here. From the groovy rhythm to a chopped and messy beat structure, both signature styles shine through. Lastly, always trying new methods, we have "Sunday into Monday", a funky track that brings you right to the start of another week. 

Who knows how long these tracks will be left untouched on Soundcloud, perhaps for a few weeks, perhaps tell the end of the day just to give us a tease. All four tracks have a similar artwork labeled #PeaceInCongo. This could quite possibly be hinting at a new album or EP. When we it comes to Mr. Carmack no one is too sure.



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