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Phantogram - "Nothing But Trouble"

Phantogram have been the best kept secret from mainstream attention thus far since their 2007 inception. This is not to say that they haven't subliminally worked their way into your head with appearances in commercials and sporting event commercial fades-ins/outs here and there, but overall they have maintained their novel approach at a saturated genre without the typical tug to change their sound that many other artists with their ongoing appeal generally face. 

It is hard to believe that Phantogram are working on just their second album in Voices, as they have solidified a mature sound that artists struggle to find after numerous releases. Releasing a slew of songs in support of Voices it is obvious that the duo will also not fall victim to the sophomore slump plague for their sheer sense of direction when diversifying their sound.

As evidence that the duo is anything but an ironclad ship sailing in a single direction Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter released the experimental rock track "Nothing But Trouble" earlier today. Beginning and ending with a heavy and erratic guitar "Nothing But Trouble" utilizes sporadic moments to showcase contrast. Combating it's hectic nature is the subtle and trusting tones in Sarah's vocals mixed with electronic elements that they have accustomed their audience to.

With the apparent ability to drastically change their sound, expect the unexpected when Voices is released on February 18 via Republic Records.



  • Republic Records
  • 02-18-2014

Dreamwave · Experimental · Indie · Pop · Synth


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