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Rome Fortune - "Ice Cream Man" [Video]

Recently, Rome Fortune has seemed more focus on releasing a steady stream of singles, rather than a full body of work to follow up his Beautiful Pimp mixtape from last year. Any new music is welcomed, so we aren't complaining about this tendency of his, but another full experience and twelve tracks to sit with at one time reveals a fuller sense of who this young Atlien is and what moves him. Thankfully, Fortune has been in lab, working hard to get us what we have been quietly asking for: Beautiful Pimp 2.

Before he unleashes his new material, he decided to highlight one of the best songs from his previous project, "Ice Cream Man". Childish Major's production is absolutely breathtaking; fusing elements of house, club, cloud rap, and a sprinkle of trap percussion, he was able to create a beat that is ethereal, yet felt grounded. The synthesizer samples and playing are definite notable.

Both the song and the new visuals that accompany it, focus on hustling and blue-collar hard-work. Unlike his earlier videos, Fortune is dressed more modestly; choosing to forgo the usual flash  and extravagance to focus on his pure passion. Women, another main staple, are also no where to be seen; instead we only follow the rapper alone, walking through his neighborhood. Stripping away the accessories demonstrates his determination and work ethic, it is clear that Fortune is not playing around about making good music and reaping the rewards from the endeavor.  He is on his grind, like the Ice Cream man.

Beautiful Pimp 2 is set to be released next month, in February. If you haven't been following his music, you should hurry over to his soundcloud, where there is a treasure trove of music for you to dive into. Fortune continues to delve deeper into his own sound, so his next work can go in a number of different, but equally intriguing ways. Hopefully, he surprises us next month.

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