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The latest trend in the electronic hip-hop world is Flume-style beats where atmosphere and heady vibes take the cake. After the trap game took the festival world by storm, it's about time the genre slowed down for those post-show evenings and chill smoke sessions. We recently came across a remix of MF DOOM's early track, "Doomsday", from a producer on Reddit (specifically r/trap) and it blew us away.

At the request of another redditor, ∆ϾЄMΫ₮H (ACEMYTH) took the already spacey 1999 beat and transformed it into a swaying groove that pairs well with the "best rolled L's". This flip is difficult to compare with the DOOM original as they have about 13 years between them, but it provides a great example of how far we've come in the hip-hop game since then. You can grab a free download of the tune

, but be sure to show him some love on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Downtempo · Hip-Hop · Trap


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