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Rain Dog - "Cloven" [Video Premiere]

Mooncircle as a label has never disappointed us here at EARMILK, and today they've come back with even more, this time by giving us the premiere on Rain Dog's"Cloven," set to be on his debut LP Two Worlds.

The stunning visuals feature a woman painted in white, blending into the back wall as images douse her into the environment around her. Beginning in paler tones of blues and whites, the colors move with the track as it begins to incorporate reds, yellows, an greens to accentuate the beauty of the woman and world she's blended into, as well as highlight the emotional journey embedded into the song.

"Cloven" is stunningly majestic in it's simplicity, and utterly moving. We can't wait for the LP, which is out January 13th.


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  • Dope as always! #PMC4LIFE

    Avatar INOK January 9, 2014 2:55 PM Reply

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