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Shane Chubbz - "Unbelievable Scenes (Freestyle)"

The dawning of a new year has inevitably been marked by many a resolution, probably a million promises to do things differently over the next 12 months; the conventional "I'm losing weight/ hitting the gym /quitting the cigarettes" routine immediately springs to mind. The sounds of the emerging talent that is English/Nigerian lyricist Shane Chubbz seem to have chirpily followed this trend of change, and in superlative fashion; His latest release "Unbelivable Scenes" packs all the promise shown on the dual release of the brilliantly placid cuts "Hoiday" and "Where I'm From", but in an entirely different way; he goes in gung-ho on this one.

The title of the track is in direct reference to the comedy ravings of everybody's favourite Sky Sports Soccer Saturday Pundit, Chris Kamara; the track begins with a soundbite from a now viral 'Kammy' video clip, in which he exclaims; "Last season…from a yard out, he couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo! Now, he's absolutely on fire!" Now to those not proficient in the language of football/Soccer (another debate for another time) Kamara is basically making light of a certain footballer's dramatic surge in form – a player who's gone from hopelessly squandering chances, to taking them spectacularly.

Chubbz choice to make this particular quote the centrepiece of the track speaks volumes; it's a glorious self-proclamation from a man feeling on top of his game and about to burst into flames - a sentiment made all the more grandiose when dropped over a Pharrell Williams beat comprised of regal horns and tight snares. The only crime here is that it isn't any longer; the charisma and cocksure flow littered on this one beg another verse. Then again, this was probably the intention. The track will not be part of any body of work so it's safe to assume it's a head's up, with his Chubbziano EP scheduled for release on  February 19th.

You can listen and download the track below, via Shane Chubbz' Soundcloud.

Unbelievable sounds, Geoff.



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