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Lush & Simon - "Drag Me To The Ground" (Feat. Rico & Miella) [Video]

Lush & Simon, the electronic duo from Milan, Itlay who catapulted through success after success during 2013, follows on yesterday's music release with the official video. "Drag Me To The Ground" features the melancholy vocals of Rico & Miella, mixing them with the producer's energetic drops to give the track contrasting highs and lows. Of course the video mirrors these feelings, at some points following the singers across lonely fields and beaches, then switching to flaring scenes of intense desperation. Out now on Zouk Recordings, a division of the famed Armada, it's a strong start for the forward-thinking pair.




Lush & Simon

"Drag Me To The Ground" [Video]

  • Zouk Recordings
  • 2014-01-07
Dance · Music Videos · Progressive


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