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BROODS – "Never Gonna Change"

The brother and sister duo out of New Zealand, BROODS, has just released their track "Never Gonna Change" as a follow up to the debut success they saw with their first track "Bridges". They were picked up with Captiol and Polydor for the release of their first EP, which we should expect out in February 2014. This second look at Caleb and Georgia Nott's music is more than promising. Working with Joel Little, the man behind Lorde's first album, should tell us that the indie duo is bound to do well with their first album as well. Georgia's vocals burst out of the track making a stab directly at your heart over the throbbing, yet gentle, electronic sounds that make up "Never Gonna Change". I was smitten after my first listen to "Bridges" and nearly broke out in song and dance when I saw they had released a second track. I can't wait for the EP in February and can only dream of what we can expect to hear from BROODS on this project.



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