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Seb Wildblood - "Lost Track" [Download]

We've  made our fondness for Montreal-based label Infinite Machine pretty clear here on Earmilk over the last couple years. Whether they're releasing future-star-studded compilations, working on single-artist albums or EPs, or writing witty press releases, the imprint seems to have pretty much every step of the release cycle of their signature-yet-varied sound nailed down. Today, Seb Wildblood makes his Infinite Machine debut with free single "Lost Tracks".

Although the London producer has built up a reputation for music situated in the realms of house and techno, forming the label Church alongside Apes, he's taken this release as an opportunity to explore a more atmospheric, ambient sound, something meant more for at-home listening than for a dance floor. Fans of EveningsRobot Koch, and Chrome Sparks will enjoy getting airy and introspective with the free download below:

Download: Seb Wildblood - Lost Track

Lost Track

Ambient · Electronic · IDM · Techno


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