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The Golden Pony - "Fuck The Pain Away" [Premiere]

There are many ways to alleviate pain and stress. There is the antibiotic route, the natural route of working out to release endorphins, and now The Golden Pony propose a new coping mechanism of fucking the pain away. Sexual activities help to release endorphins and make you feel all warm and cozy inside, but that goes without saying. Not only do they advise the therapeutic act of sexual healing but they have packaged it perfectly with the ancient remedy of dance.

 The Golden Pony take the original track “Fuck The Pain Away,” by Peaches and turn it in to a sensual low-tempo house record. Sweeping synthesizers, dropped down vocals, and little drum bed all tie together to help soothe and groove you back to life. Perfect for bedtime fun time, “Fuck The Pain Away,” is a great track for all. So have a seat with Dr. Pony as they prescribe a rigorous dose of fornication and elation.

The track is currently charting on HypeM, if you're feeling it give it a <3. 

Dance · House


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