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Moduloktopus - "Smokeshow" (Clifflight Remix)

Boston based producer Moduloktopus has released his remix of "Smokeshow," a hot track off of rising group Clifflight's "Tryst" EP, which dropped earlier this year. Wigbert 'Wiggz' Caro has been unleashing his free remixes on the interwebs since 2012, around the time that he first appeared on our site. Specializing in all forms of electronic music, particularly juke, trap, and bass remixes of both popular and undiscovered artists, he has been turning out one per week for about a year and a half now. He considers this new remix to be the culmination of his efforts, and in 2014 Caro plans to exclusively release originals and collaborations. The sheer volume of Caro's output is stunning, and his creative energy is tempered only by his determination. He possesses a do it yourself approach to online promotions and showcases his creations on multiple social media and Internet publishing platforms. These savvy promotional tactics paid off when he reached over 4,000 Soundcloud followers this year. Caro's choice to release Clifflight as his final effort is particularly meaningful, as both attended Berklee College of Music around the same time. The original indie electro pop version is scintillating, but Caro put his own spin on it, adding more bass genre elements and creating a harder electronic feel for the track. 

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