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Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Alec Royale Remix) [Premiere]

Alec Royale truly delivers in this soulful and deep track, featuring some great bassline melodies and incorruptible Michael Jackson vocals. As in every emotional track we have some sweeping audio effects that are the perfect transition to Michael’s vocal chops. Though it’s certainly a great dance tune, it’s also perfect for easy listening, but that’s also considering you can’t really go wrong with Michael Jackson in any shape or form! 

In his new EP out December 24th on Prep School Recordings, these powerhouse deep house sounds truly radiate through and shine. Make sure to be on the lookout for its release!

Billie Jean Remix

Michael Jackson

"Billie Jean" (Alec Royale Edit)

  • Prep School Recordings
  • 12-12-2013


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