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Greg Cerrone – "Rise Together" (Feat. Koko LaRoo) (Inpetto Remix)

The pairing of vocals with instrumental composition can be a tricky balancing act. But when you've got the two elements that fit "just right" in a production, the result is something that is a wake up call and a reminder of what great composition really means. Such is the case with the latest remix of house producer Greg Cerrone's latest track "Rise Together." Featuring the unbelievably addictive and impressive vocal performance from rising star Koko Laroo. Done by house legends Inpetto, this remix, just like the house great's adaptive career, is a reinvented, positive club mix that gives "Rise Together" that perfect combination.

Stream: Greg Cerrone feat. Koko LaRoo – Rise Together (Inpetto Remix)

Greg Cerrone

Rise Together (Inpetto Remix)

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