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Cynikal – Toby [EP]

The young producer and rapper Cynikal is one artist to take note of. Hailing from Leeds School of Music, he quickly reached success with his 2012 release Breakfast. He's managed to grab the attention from BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac, as well as BET International, indicating that he has a style and sound that will appeal to everyone across the board. 

He spent some time working on this EP, as he's described it as the life challenge he had been waiting for. It's a four track release, with each evoking a deeper and darker style and sound. It culminates into a look into his inner thoughts and personality. He holds strong command of the music, and if this was a challenge, he certainly does not make it seem so. 

Overall, it's another impressive output by the London native, and it will be exciting to see what 2014 brings for him. 




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