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PolyEmory - "HydraFauna"

Fast-forward to 100 years in the future,  Earth has become a mass-industrialized society relying solely on the extraction of natural resources and the mechanization of flora and fauna. Out of this surrealistic industrial complex emerges PolyEmory, an electronic music producer exhibiting unique sound compositions derived from organic and digital sources. In tangent with PolyEmory's musical compositions exist graphic visual works that are exclusively expressive of the thematic elements of PolyEmory's musical releases. One can expect to experience a number of original releases from PolyEmory.

This new industrial dance floor scorcher invites you to an outer world. With pads that only give you a brief taste on what people would call the Andromeda galaxy, this track progresses over the final frontier. After a spacey and kind of Pretty Lights esque intro we are introduced into a uplifting snyth that carries all the way back to home base. Aside from the killer sweeps and sounds of PolyEmory, his video work is top of the line CGI animation. Be sure to keep up with him below. Owsey even remixed this track.

Dance · Electro · Electronic · Experimental


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