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NAPT - Circles: Vol. 1 [EP]

Rising Music has to be one of the best labels for driving a consistent sound while still feeling fresh. With a roster of artists that includes the likes of TJR, Lazy Rich, and Nom De Strip, you can always count on a big room brand of funky electro. It's hard-hitting yet fun, and can always be counted on for high quality production. This week's output comes from British duo NAPT with a two-track EP.

The leadoff track "Cafe" has seen strong support from label head Chris Lake, and churns out a bouncy electro rhythm. Adding only a feel good piano breakdown to give some breathing room to the main melody, it's reminiscent of the same formula used in Lake's earlier 2013 hit "Ohh Shhhh". On the B side, things get a little weirder with "Tyrannosaurus", where NAPT go part breaks, part Crookers-style electro, part half-time bass track. Still, the dinosaur disco experiment is worth a listen, and we're hoping it's only the beginning for more in the the Circles series.

 Stream: NAPT - Cafe



Circles: Vol. 1

  • Rising Music
  • 02-12-2013
Dance · Electro · Electro House


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