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Marvin Gaye - Grapevine (Autograf Remix)

Marvin Gaye was a master of his craft. His soulful music paved the way for many popular artists today. "Grapevine" is a classic tune. Once you hear the opening notes, you know exactly what comes next. Remixing a classic song like "Grapevine" is a challenge to say the least. It's important when remixing any song to be as creative as possibly, while keeping the integrity of the original work. Autograf, once again, does a great job in doing so.

 Autograf, a production crew from Chicago, has popped up on the scene in the last few months. They've been remixing songs with their signature glitchy, electro, chillwave sound. The Chitown dyad, turn Marvin's smash hit from the 1960's and transform it into a modern house track. They use Marvin's vocals sparingly at times but they use them in a way that works best for the track. I find their style unique and refreshing compared to other remixes that I have heard recently. Put this track on rotation while you try to figure out what to do with your thanksgiving leftovers.

Electronic · House · Soul


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