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Fabich & Ferdinand Weber - "Stay Away Too Long" [Premiere]


When you have two producers from Germany mix the sounds and vibes from Munich and Berlin, the result is a duo with a great talent for producing various styles of emotion into one track. Chris Fabich and Ferdinand Weber are two producers who started producing separately for different artists about 4 years. Since then they have released standout tracks like "What" and their recent debut single "Peachin", establishing a recognizable reputation that caught the ears of Bakermat. As they promptly go back to work in the studio they release another track that is sure to give you a taste of the Munich nightlife.


<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Fabich & Ferdinand Weber</strong> - Stay Away Too Long</a></p>


"Stay Away Too Long" fuses their style inspired by hip hop and old school house. The track is first built up with melodic chords that smoothly transition into an everlasting combination of steady beats, which work well with its sound that serenades and hooks the listener.  The vocals in this track captivate their unique sound that draws out the overall impression these two are able to produce well as they create a serene vibe.

Their attention to detail is recognizable in each of their tracks and is one reason why the two work so well.  Personally, I think this track is sure to reach the attention of any house enthusiast.  "Stay Away Too Long" is one of the many reasons to keep an eye out for new tracks as they keep producing well made vibes.



Fabich & Ferdinand Weber

Stay Away Too Long





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