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Kulkid - "Have I Ever Told U"

French producer, Kulkid, has had a string of good luck with his recent remixes and releases. Most of them are instant hits gaining support from the likes of Fatboy Slim and Bakermat. Though his edits and remixes are so hot right now, it's about time he started releasing some originals. Enter the followup to his debut production, "Have I Ever Told U".

This track has everything from Pogo-style pitched vocals and tropical house stabs , sweeping reverb and crashing waves to pleasant island chord progressions and steel drums. It draws many similarities to his previous track, "U Were The One", but that simply means he has defined his voice and style; you definitely know when you're listening to a Kulkid track. Regardless of the similarities, Kulkid's latest track is nothing short of impressive. With a punchy garage foundation and summer-time upbeat vibe, "Have I Ever Told U" fits perfectly at any pool-side party or beach-based festival. Grab the tune for free here.

Dance · Deep House · Tech House


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