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Silver Swans – "Sea of Love" (Grant Cutler Remix)[Premiere]

Silver Swans is an indie dream pop band hailing from San Francisco. Their debut LP, Forever, was met with positive reviews, being compared to the likes of Beach House. They commonly use soft synth arrays coupled with ambient effects to really force that dreamy substance in your head. What pulls many fans towards Silver Swans is that they don't go over the top with their tracks. If they don't need percussion, they won't have it. If they don't need more effects, they won't add them. All the edges have been sanded and smoothed out to create a buttery, airy style.

Their single, "Sea of Love", was released four months ago and highlights their staying power. It's consistent to their persona and style, incorporating a good helping of synths and silky vocals. We have the opportunity to give you a first listen of Grant Cutler's remix of this particular song, where he strips a majority of the percussion away and upholds the basic, minimal foundation.  It's a wonderful flip to an even more serene state of sound, which is quite hard to believe since Silver Swans is already all about that. Cutler successfully transitioned an effervescent style into a blissful and chilled out ambient soundscape. A remix these days connote a change in pace. We're so used to remixes being out of control with wild BPM that we tend to forget the other side of the spectrum. Stream both the original and remix below. 



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