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Sebastien Grainger – "Going With You" (Nightbox Remix) [Premiere]

Sebastian Grainger has been going full steam ahead since the release of his solo project Yours To Discover. His first single off of YTD, "Going With You", takes you back to a time when Madonna, Michael Jackson and hair bands were holding down the airwaves, and scrunchies, high socks, acid wash jeans and Members Only jackets were all the rave. His revamped Nightbox remix of the track (available for download on bandcamp) sure makes you feel like you were catapulted instantly into the future though. It carries that 80's pop feel with a gritty industrial vibe and synths over some well orchestrated drops, but his heavily echoed vocals and electro-dance sound modernize the song a lot. The last half of the track has a bit of a switch up before getting back to the heady sound the songs carries throughout most of it. This is easy to get addicted to so don't be surprised in the coming months the next time you are in a club or bar at midnight and the whole crowd starts singing along. If you like this, do what the project title says and discover all 12 tracks on his new album. Just don't fight the urge when the beat drops.

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